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You have agreed to hire a companion in Abu Dhabi. You want to spend a little time together and have fun. It is indeed a great idea as Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of companions for all tastes.

However, you need to consider whether to choose a private companion or agency service. If you don’t know what to do, here are some basic points to show you the differences and details to support you in making the correct decision.

Both independent or private and agency escorts have their pros and cons and subtle aspects. You may decide on any one option as per your liking. You should clearly understand the pros and cons of both before deciding the one suitable for you.

Independent and agency escorts in Abu Dhabi

Of course, Abu Dhabi Independent Escorts are those working independently. There are no middlemen involved. Independent escorts can be found through advertisements or on the escort’s own website. You can contact her directly over the phone or email to meet her and make a contract. On the other hand, the agency escorts work under an escort agency and these professional agencies take care of everything.

What are the main differences between these two

Of course, the biggest difference here is the amount you have to pay. Usually, escorts from Abu Dhabi Escorts Agency seem to be more costly as there is an agency cut as well. Not all the money is spent on the escort, which is not surprising. The money is shared between the company and the companion. independent escorts are cheaper as no money has to be paid to the agency.

Agency escorts are safer for most companion seekers

However, escorts from agencies are safer as these agencies are mostly legal. The agencies usually know that to compete in the market, they must provide and desire to provide the best companions. 

Therefore, when selecting an agency escort you are pretty sure of getting the desired escort, the one you are looking for. Of course, there are fraud companies, but you can opt for the reputed one and be safe with the escort experience.

This is not necessarily the case for private escorts. There is no guarantee of the quality and whether she is legitimate. You may even be robbed or offered a very bad service. Sometimes, the companion may not match with the pictures used on her website. There is no place to complain. It will be a disaster for your time and mood.

Agencies are safer, particularly when selected after proper research, while independent escorts can be risky. There are, however, some of the escorts serving for agencies as well as working independently for extra profits and offering good services. They are professionals and if you find one of them you can have a good time at a cheaper rate.

How to contact private and agency companions

The contacting process of these two types of companions is also different. When dealing with independent escorts, the contact will be more private. Before the meeting starts, you will be able to better understand the accompanying person and choose if you really want to meet. For agency escorts, you may only know the appearance of the escort and only get to know her better after the meeting. Sometimes, the agencies use different images as well. So she will be totally a stranger to you.

The advantage of communicating through the agency is that once you find a good company everything is taken care of by their agent. On the other hand, you may find a perfect and affordable private companion if you search harder.

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