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About Eden

Eden is as exotic as her name. This youthful 19 years old charmer makes heads turn with her dead drop gorgeous looks. She is so young and nubile that people fall for her charms like anything. She is fair-skinned and boasts of soulful expressive brown eyes. Her brown locks fall on either side of her face, making her look like a dainty fairy. Her million-dollar smile melts hearts. If her looks can kill, her hands transport the client to heaven. She is a brilliant masseur in all types of massages and knows the right nooks and crannies of the body to make the client completely relaxed. Her peaches and cream complexion makes the clients bowled over. You can rest assured of having a gala time with her. She is so sought after as much for her polite manners as for her talent that her nights are often booked.

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