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The time of pandemic has brought about global havoc with lives and livelihoods having come to a standstill. There are many people and students who are away from home in alien lands, stuck there for work or studies, disconnected from dear ones, and unable to go back to their native place. It can be a very disheartening and lonesome experience for a man who is stuck in Abu Dhabi with no one to comfort him in his plight. Abu Dhabi is known for the best and classy escort services it offers, being discreet all along. However, the lockdown has brought about a problem in every which way, even in the escort industry. So what better way to have a friendly and beautiful lady to give you company in these tough times?

Lockdown blues 

So the first thing is to think about how to hire escorts during this tough time. The government has enforced a strict lockdown which restricts mobility to contain the spread of COVID 19. However, some services are always available and desperate situations do require desperate measures. You can always dial up the name or number of the regular escort agency which you are in touch with and talk to them about the situation. Many elegant escorts and classy service ladies are out of work because of this pandemic. But exceptions will always be there, particularly for a lonely man stuck in a foreign land. We all need assurances during these times of peril and if it comes from a beautiful lady who can be a friend too, then why not?  However, you should ensure that the glam babe who is sent to you has been tested for health clearance and has no international travel history. There will be very limited types of beautiful angels available because of the pandemic. Also, you can ensure that your place is sanitized and both of you are using masks. It is not always essential to have physical contact. The elegant escort can just be talk buddy for you and give you some much-needed company. But the first thing is to make sure that the escort agency is reliable and takes safety precautions. You may be pleasantly surprised at the escort services giving you an attractive discount for the number of hours spent, because of the pandemic.

Difficult situation for everyone.

It is indeed a tough time for everyone. Even the escorts are facing financial issues in this time of shutdown. While it is a fact that many educated and accomplished ladies do this work to make money and meet people, there are also girls who work as escorts out of bare necessity. So it becomes very hard for these pretty lassies when there are no clients as family income is not augmented. So it is actually helpful in a way if you are hiring an escort during these troubled times. But make sure to do it very discreetly from a reputed escort agency with proper health and safety tips to maintain social distancing.

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