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Many people have been wondering whether women who work as escorts get to enjoy their clients or they do it to earn a living. Well, this question is quite broad and may need critical thinking before it gets to be added. Some women do it for money, and with time, they enjoy the work to the extent that even if they have much money, it’s quite hard for them to go on and leave the job.

Details on why escorts join the profession

Half of the escorts in a survey said that they chose the career as a result of sexual curiosity. While 68% do consider this line of work as part of their sexuality. While there are some doubts that money is a primary reason for women to go on and become escorts, it is quite surprising that sexual motivation ranks quite high. This was according to a research that was conducted at the Danish National Centre for Social Research.

The survey was led by Prof Jens Kofod, who holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology and is also a researcher at the SFI. Women do become escorts for different reasons, but often, they do feel stigmatized by society as most of them are against their work and they want them to stop. There are very many escorts who have given it a thought about quitting this job. However, there are some of them who do feel that society to go on and respect the choice of work.

When it comes to the child abuse, it has often been regarded as the main reason for the prostitution by media, the general public as well as politicians who do feel that the prostitutes need some help so as for them to stop their work. This survey, however, was not clear on the topic on some of the escorts being abused as children while there are some who were not. This research, which involved over 3000 escorts, reported that most of the female escorts, as well as the female clinic prostitutes, gave the sexual curiosity as the main reason why they joined prostitution and not necessarily for money.

Close to half of the female escorts and a sixth of clinic prostitutes began the work as they did see an opportunity for making money via the sexual way. However, the street escorts get to draw another entirely different picture. This is where they are in for the business for the sex thing and also to be able to deal with the drug abuse. Despite the sexual drive, the main reason for prostitution in all the groups is mainly for money.

In conclusion, various people enter the profession for various reasons, most common being the lack of employment or even the desire for them to be able to improve their income. The escort business has become quite a lucrative business, and the prices vary depending on the various parameters. There is no skills or even qualifications needed for one to be able to start this job.

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