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It is a frustrating period during this pandemic lockdown.  The people are going crazy in this perilous situation as this pandemic shows no signs of abating, despite universal efforts. There are a lot of people stranded away from home and families, even in foreign lands. Since all modes of travel are banned, there is no way to connect to friends and family except through digital ways. Now if you are having physical contact with an escort during this time, there are certain precautions to be taken.

Hygiene tips 

The first tip is to hire educated and aware escorts who are knowledgeable and take precautions. This will only come from a discreet and authentic escort service agency. You can use sanitizers, gloves, and face masks to avoid infections. Also, it is a must to ensure that the lovely lady who is coming is HIV tested for disease. It stands to reason that a pretty babe who is sophisticated and educated will work only as a VIP or model escort. Enjoying intercourse becomes more meaningful when its respectable and secure. So these tips should help you out. The first and foremost thing is cleanliness and being free of alcohol or tobacco or any additives. The rooms should be clean and with fresh linen and bedspreads. It should be ensured that the pretty lady has not had any international travel history of late. These are some ways of ensuring a better and enjoyable conjugal life for the better, in this kind of tough situation. 

Enjoyments and safety

Also while having contact, it is always advised that you be careful and extra cautious. The screening of the elegant escort should be done beforehand and the rooms and all should be sanitized with disinfectants.  Plus when you are in bed, the contact should be with proper care. It is best not to try out very kinky and risky stuff and not take too long. It is never advisable to have intercourse with multiple partners at this point of time. Thus it is very essential for you to be selective in choosing your partners for having a good time. Also it is much needed to refrain from using toys and all. Thus you can use the time to have an effective conjugal life by following these tips and get a better mindset. Enjoy your time but be safe from ailments.

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